For frequent flyer and long flyer against travel thrombosis and swollen feet


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Long sitting and barely any movement when flying – just uncomfortable or is it also dangerous?

Medical prevention without medication


Prevent travel thrombosis with compressive stockings and feel more comfortable when sitting for long periods. Pilots and frequent flyers don't wear something like this for nothing: compression BELSANA stockings are adjusted to your leg circumference in the pharmacy and are medically effective. You can't get that in a discount store!

Geschäftsreisende im modischen Business-Outfit

Non-critical blood flow in the vein during movement.

The venous valves are activated and prevent blood from flowing back.


Illustration unkritischem Blutfluss Vene

Risk of thrombosis if sitting for long periods.

The venous valves cannot work properly - the blood sinks into the legs. This can cause blocking blood clots to form.

Illustration kritischer Blutfluss Vene

­Compressive stockings support effectively.

The vein is compressed from outside, the valves close again and transport the blood to the heart.


Illustration Blutfluss mit Kompression

Fashionable comfort when travelling


Not only a great support for your legs on the move, but also the ideal companion for business and casual looks. Modern travel stockings from BELSANA need not hide from "normal" stockings: The classic colours and nude skin tones refine every travel outfit perfectly. In addition, the comfortable fit makes for a feel-good factor when travelling.

Kniestrümpfe in Creme, Schwarz, Grau und Blau
Stay Ups in Schwarz, Nachtblau, Perle und Siena
Produktverpackung BELSANA traveller

Comfortable compressive socks
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Produktverpackung BELSANA traveller

Fine compressive knee-high stockings

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